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Note: UW ASIC has migrated to GIT instead of SVN. The below information is invalid and will be updated at a later time.

The team currently has it’s repository on You will need access to the repository to work on our projects. Please contact your project leader for an account.

To login you will need a Subversion client, such as the one listed here.

  • Login server: svn+ssh:// Replace uwdirid with your id.
  • Password: your Nexus password.

If you’re new to Subversion, please read Chapter 1 of the Subversion book. This chapter explains what Subversion is, why we need it, and a crash course introduction to the commands we’ll be using most: checkout, update, add, and commit. There is much more to Subversion, if you’re interested, but these four commands are all you need for our work.

Please note that we require a commit message with your commits. Use the -m option to provide this message.