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AllSparc is a RISC CPU architecture research project initiated in May 2010. Using the open-source design of the OpenSPARC T1 microprocessor (available fromĀ as a starting point, the goal of the AllSparc project is to perform CPU architecture research and to develop ways to improve the microprocessor design. This is done through the addition or removal of hardware components as well as performing modifications or optimizations at the operating system or compiler level in order to make full use of the hardware design. Whether by striving to increase performance or to add additional functionality, the AllSparc project is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to many aspects of advanced hardware and software design using a modern, industry-relevant processor as a starting point.

If you are interested in this project or would like more information, please subscribe to the AllSparc Mailing list or email Kartik Vamaraju with any questions or concerns.


The project has a Mailing List and stores it’s code in a Subversion Repository

Development Team

  1. Active
    • Sanjay Singh (Founder, Coordinator)
    • Kartik Vamaraju (Co-Lead)
    • Theodore Themistokleous (Co-Lead)
  2. Past
    • .

This list is updated at the end of each term with a list of those actively involved with the project. If your names is missing, let us know.

Recommended Reading Material

  • OpenSPARC Internals is a good source of information about the OpenSPARC T1 microprocessor architecture.
  • There are also a set of presentations provided by Oracle that provide information about the OpenSPARC project, as well as webcasts.