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Macgyver is a new project started in Spring 2011 term with the goal of creating a modular repository of peripherals that could be used in future projects. We have currently implemented a UART Controller and are in the process of implementing a USB Controller and I2S Controller for the Altera DE2 development boards.


Development Team

    1. Past
      • Kartik Vamaraju (Co-Lead)
      • Theodore Themistokleous (UART Controller)
      • Jacob Alexander (UART Controller, USB Controller)
      • Elsabe Coetzer (UART Controller, I2S Controller)
      • Wenzhi Guo (UART Controller, I2S Controller)
      • Soo-Jin Moon (UART Controller, I2S Controller)
      • Justin Godson(UART Controller)
      • Paul Roukema (UART Controller)
      • Eric Jia (UART Controller)
      • Jonathan Jekir (UART Controller)

    This list is updated at the end of each term with a list of those actively involved with the project. If your names is missing, let us know.